features work created by students and parents in CAPE’s after-school program at four public schools in Chicago: George Washington High School, North-Grand High School, Telpochcalli Elementary School, and Waters Elementary School.

The exhibition title, INSIDE/OUTSIDE, refers to the exploration of internal and external phenomena in projects at these four schools. Inside, schools contain space and culture created and enacted by students and teachers. Outside, the school neighborhoods contain their own spaces and cultures that contribute to students’ identities and histories.  In these after school CAPE projects, students deconstructed and reconstructed space and culture from both inside and outside of school. In doing so, they also came to question what constitutes a community, and what is their identity in relation to community. INSIDE/OUTSIDE presents the artistic research of students addressing questions of identity and community and the interplay of inside and outside phenomena.

Read more about a community installation art project from Telpochcalli Elementary, featured in INSIDE/OUTSIDE.

Read more about a martial arts + fine arts project from George Washington High School, also featured in INSIDE/OUTSIDE.


January 31 through February 8, 2019
Hairpin Arts Center
2810 N. Milwaukee, Chicago, IL 60618

Public Gallery Hours

  • Friday, Feb 1, 10am-1pm
  • Monday, Feb 4 through Friday, Feb 8, 10am-1pm daily

The after-school program featured in this exhibition is supported by the Illinois State Board of Education 21st Century Community Learning Centers program, funded by the US Department of Education, and by the Mansfield Family Foundation.

INSIDE/OUTSIDE: Opening Reception

Thursday, February 7, 2019, 5:30 to 8:30pm

This free event will be a public, all-ages party for students, parents, and families from the elementary schools in our after-school program, where participants can engage with student and parent art work and make connections across communities in CAPE’s after-school program.

INSIDE/OUTSIDE: The Teen/Artist Summit

Friday, February 8, 2019, 6 to 8pm

At the 2019 Teen/Artist Summit, high school students from CAPE’s after-school program will present their work to professional artists, receive feedback, and learn about professional artists’ work and practices. Our student-artists from North-Grand High School and George Washington High School will have the opportunity to present and receive feedback on their artwork and dialogue with local practicing artists. Notable artists in attendance will include Teju Adesida, Shenequa Brooks, Ernest Whiteman III, Billy McGuiness, Emmy Bean, Ira Murfin, bAnansi Knowbody, Betsy Zacsek, Gina Lee Robbins, Hannah Barco, Almudena Caso Burbano, Jesse Meredith, Marcela Torres, and many more.

Special thanks to the 21st Century Community Learning Centers grant from the Illinois State Board of Education and to the Mansfield Family Foundation for making our after-school program possible.