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Transforming Communities Through the Arts!

This page serves as a digital version of the program presented at our October 11 fundraising luncheon, and includes videos and additional details about our featured student performer, our guest speakers, and stories from a student, a teacher, and a parent at George Washington High School.

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Poetry Reading

Our featured performer was Nate, a student in our after-school program at North-Grand High School. Last year, he and his classmates worked with Vicki Turbov, a long-time CAPE teacher and Mitsu Salmon, a CAPE teaching artist, to explore improv and theatre techniques, learn scenes from classic plays, and create and workshop original plays and poems. Nate has performed this piece not only for his CAPE peers and our luncheon guests, but also for all his entire school community at last year’s school-wide talent show.

Transforming Communities Through the Arts

The following video features a parent, a teacher, and a student from George Washington High School discussing the transformations they’ve witnessed in themselves and in their school community throughout the school’s partnership with CAPE.

Aurora Figueroa has participated in CAPE’s Parent Program at the school for several years and has presented her artwork at multiple exhibitions during that time. Her son was also active in CAPE programs at George Washington until his graduation from the school last year.

Mary Rossi is a veteran teacher who is in her 12th year at George Washington High. Since 2013, she’s been working with different CAPE teaching artists to engage students and parents in the creation of beautiful, larger-than-life art installations that can be viewed all around the school building. Their newest piece, supported by one of CAPE’s master artists, Mirtes Zwierinski, is a large-scale mosaic at the entrance of the school that has been painstakingly created over the past year.

Nancy graduated from George Washington High in 2017 after building deep bonds and sharing many meaningful experiences with her CAPE teachers and teaching artists. Nancy loved that the variety of CAPE programming at her school allowed her to explore and combine her varied interests in 2D visual art, sculpture, ecology and recycling, and family.

Building a School Community

Dr. Kevin Gallick, Principal at George Washington High School, joined us to share some of the ways that CAPE has helped transform his school by creating new opportunities for student and parent engagement and contributing to skyrocketing graduation and college enrollment rates.

“Closing the opportunity gap is very difficult, but we’re confident that with CAPE in our corner, we can do it.”

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