Thank you to all who joined us on Wednesday, June 22 for the Convergence 2022 reception celebrating student work.

Artist and CAPE Board Member, William Estrada, created a custom design and screen-printed totes for all attendees to paint!

Work from Bateman Elementary, Lake View High School, Camras Children’s Engineering School, Murphy Elementary School, Henry Elementary School, Durkin Park Elementary, Dever Elementary, Pasteur Elementary, Taylor Elementary, Pirie Fine Arts, and Chicago High School for the Agricultural Sciences were on display for this exhibition.

Lake View High School students investigated sonic environments. Murphy students made earthen sculptures to study erosion as they observed their works transform and deteriorate when exposed to natural elements. Students from Camras Elementary created video games that engage with social justice themes. 

Diverse Learners at Vaughn created work based on the mathematical logic of spirals and their relation to mindfulness. And another Diverse Learner class at Ray Graham explored performance to investigate collective identity dynamics as a means for potential visions of change in school, city, and world. Durkin Park students celebrated people they knew and exemplified everyday braver acts by creating sculptures that commemorated their contribution to their community and society. This project afforded students to examine how statues and memorials shape a society’s conception of heroism and shape historical perspectives.  

The works at Hairpin Arts Center, which straddles the Avondale and Logan Square communities, comprised the bulk of our work from schools in neighborhoods that reach down to the Southwest side and extend from the Lake View neighborhood on the east to Belmont Heights on the city’s western edge. Read more here about the full Convergence 2022 Exhibition Schedule …