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As school budgets are slashed, principals and school communities are forced to make ever harder decisions about resources they offer to their students and the training and support they offer to their teaching staff. Art education funding is often first on the chopping block.

CAPE’s students, teachers, and schools do not pay for our services! To ensure no school ever has to choose between CAPE and a field trip, classroom supplies, or even a staff position, our programs are fully funded by grants and people like you who understand the importance of art education in the lives of children.

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CAPE inspires students’ passion for learning by bringing arts education to life through original, creative lessons, developed by artists and schoolteachers, leading to improved grades and confidence.

CAPE teachers and teaching artists spent 13,436 hours learning, teaching, and growing in 2018-19.
Last school year, CAPE’s programs reached more than 4,258 students in Chicagoland schools.
More than 110 classroom teachers are currently receiving training, support, and materials from CAPE.
60 professional teaching artists traverse Chicago to bring creative inspiration to their students and teaching partners.

CAPE: Boosting Achievement, Closing the Gap

CAPE’s approach to arts integration is proven to dramatically improve achievement for the lowest performing students while also reducing the achievement gap between students designated as “high achieving” or “low achieving.” After three years of participation in a CAPE program, our students outperform their peers at each achievement level at non-CAPE schools.

(Learn more about CAPE’s PAIR research study)

Low achieving students in a CAPE program


Low achieving students without access to a CAPE Program


I found CAPE through a work project but have donated personally because I understand the value they bring to CPS students.  I participated in band, choir, orchestra and theater from elementary through high school and feel all students deserve the same learning tools that I had access to.  I am not a parent myself, but I understand the importance of broadening a student’s classroom experience for them to grow and nurture into accomplished adults.

Denise Schultz, CAPE supporter

I give to CAPE because I’m invested in the future of Chicago. Participating in the orchestra when I was in school had a significant impact on my self-confidence and creativity, and it’s my hope that we can provide the same opportunities to the current generation! With arts funding diminishing, organizations like CAPE help create those opportunities where they wouldn’t otherwise exist.

Kate Wheeler, CAPE supporter

Join us and make our school communities stronger through the arts!

There are so many amazing things happening in our CAPE Classrooms, and we’d love to have your support in doing even more! Our online donation form is secure, and we are proud to have received GuideStar’s 2019 Platinum Seal of Transparency.


Thank you for taking the time to learn more about CAPE. We hope you’ll get involved and stay in touch!