Gwyneth Zeleny Anderson

Art form(s): Sequential and time-based arts

CAPE Teaching Artist since 2015


BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, 2009


Gwyneth grew up in rural Maryland downstream from a prison. As an artist and educator, she is concerned with the violence of isolation, and facilitates celebrations of each other as interconnected, weird phenomena. Gwyneth has presented artwork in galleries, forests, and empty lots around the northern hemisphere, including with Roman Susan, the Experimental Sound Studio, Weinberg/Newton Gallery, Roots & Culture, Constellation, and 6018 NORTH in Chicago; St. Charles Projects in Baltimore; and @ptt in Geneva. She’s been an artist in residence at the Experimental Sound Studio, FRISE (Germany), Mall of Found (New York), and Utopiana (Switzerland), and her work is included in collections at FRISE and the Institute of Contemporary Art Library in Baltimore. Projects in Chicago have been written about in Newcity, the Reader, Dusted Magazine, Chicago Artist Writers, and Chicago Magazine. She thinks all artist bios are deceptive.

Artist Statement:

Gwyneth animates* out of devotion to the constant transformation of everything. As a depressive person, the animation process is a crucial, steady reminder that nothing is really stuck or alone.

* Sometimes her animations aren’t watchable and are instead felt in the body, prompted by text, sound, or touch.