Chuck Jones

Art form(s):Video and Audio, Drawing, Sculpture, Drawings that look like paintings but are not paintings, Sewing, Embriodery

CAPE Teaching Artist since 2011

Master of Fine Arts Degree, University of Illinois Chicago, School of Art and Design, 1997

Post Baccalaureate Certificate, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, 1995

Bachelor of Arts Degree (Studio Arts, European History) Connecticut College, 1993


Chuck Jones, originally from Washington D.C., has been an artist and teacher in Chicago since 1993, working with students ages 5 to 75. He has taught Sculpture, Digital Arts, Design, and Foundations at The School of the Art Institute, Indiana University-Bloomington, and Barat College. As a Teaching Artist with CAPE, he has taught large paper construction, Design, Collage, Drawing, Song Writing, Musical Instrument Building, Comic writing, and Painting. He has 9 years of experience working with teenage students with cognitive impairment. He currently lives in Morton Grove with his family and dog who is also his family.

Artist Statement:

Starting last Fall, I returned to making short abstract digital animations. The last time I worked with this media and format was starting 2016, when The Rapist and his Rape administration poured their unholy bile across America. With that project, my aim was to hypnotize, to give a brief respite from the horror, possibly a moment to forget and breathe. Maybe that’s what started to do again in September 2021. Internally, I was creating puzzles and solving them, and this time I was using color. I made over 120 of them, around one a day, and maybe 15 of them are good. I’m still figuring out which ones those are. I am using a 12 year old copy of Adobe After Effects and my laptop is finally fast enough to render my most complex projects in 24 hours. I have the passable ones up on my Vimeo Page, Have a look. I feel that these are less about dulling hypnosis and more about transporting the viewer, however briefly, to an unknown mental state.