Christopher Lucero

Art form(s): Photography

CAPE Teaching Artist since 2021

Fire Science Associates Degree


I mainly focus on portraiture and through my portraits I want to share stories of the world from people I’ve never heard of, places I’ve never been, or experiences I’ve never had. Each photo being a small homage to the individual being. Working with my community I get to learn to see life through different perspectives. Experiencing life events and stories through the eyes of others is what builds character, integrity, empathy and intelligence. Not only that but being able to understand what others experience helps others comprehend situations. Stepping in the shoes of someone unfamiliar can open your eyes to a world unforseen to you.

Artist Statement:

Christopher Lucero incorporates any and all walks of life into his work. Having been raised around many different people shaped his art to include all heritages and cultures into his work. He paints a persons face, sets up a small scene with cloth or a scarf, and photographs that person. His medium is a mixed combination of face paints and photography. The final product is always an edited photographed. Christopher features each photograph on his Facebook page Calaveras of Chicago. Calaveras of Chicago shares stories from people in the Chicagoland area. Each person featured on the page shares a bit of their life in writing and with what they share a portrait is created. Every participant gets their face painted in the theme of a Mexican sugar skull. Calavera, meaning “skull” in Spanish, inspires the face makeup painted on the models. With every story shared Calaveras of Chicago would like people to learn from one another. Christopher believes everyone has a story to share regardless of their gender, age, culture, or ethnicity. Not every story has a happy ending, but each one can have a subtle lesson.