Reception Date: Friday, August 18th
Time: 6-9pm at CAPE!

Thank you for letting us know you’re coming! More information about the show.

Exhibition dates: July 11 to Sept 2, 2023  Gallery Viewing hours T-Fri, 11am – 5pm and by special appointment  (contact

This is the first year of WORKROOM: The Studio Sessions and we encourage you to be a part!

Friday August 18 Program Highlights

Joe Barcelona: The work is a return to the personal art-therapeutic practice. It is a zine paired with soft sculptures of the artist’s talus, patella, fibula, and tibia. Several pages of the zine ask the reader to respond to written or drawn prompts. Everyone who feels comfortable doing so is invited to alter the zines in response.

Niema Qureshi and Betsy Zacsek: Our installation is an abstract machine that amplifies the drawing process through using experimental electronics. Visitors are invited to play, scratch and draw with our array of tools. Come create with us!

Joseph Spilberg: During the residency I built off of the Big Idea/Inquiry question created by the collaboration of co-teachers at Ashe Elementary (Nyah Griffin and Ms Isaac) and me this summer for our summer music/cooking class. How do we make things happen? How can we create new things together, support each other to make food and music and make things happen? I want to invite anyone who wants to to play the instruments and make sounds. Nothing there is precious, it’s intended for playing with.

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Light refreshments will be provided.

Join the CAPE Summer Artists for a reception of their work in progress. You will meet the artists and see their process first-hand as they describe the intended, and actual, projects going on in the CAPE space. Opening the new space to professional artists in this open format allows teachers, artists and audiences to see how the creative process comes together. WORKROOM time has allowed them to explore concepts and processes developed from the classroom and how the classroom work and culture impact their own artistic production.