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Impact Arts 2018: Creativity 2.0!

Welcome to the digital version of the program presented at our October 25 fundraising luncheon, which includes videos and additional details about our student performers and guest speakers, as well as video stories from a teacher, a teaching artist, and three students at Durkin Park Elementary.

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STEM Fashion Show

Impact Arts: Creativity 2.0 kicked off with a fashion show from students in our CAPE After School program at Waters Elementary, which lit up the room with glowing headpieces inspired by bioluminescent creatures, including jellyfish, sharks, and fungi. The students researched the mechanisms and purposes behind different organisms’ bioluminescence, and then used a variety of lights, wires, paints, and textiles to create their works of art and fashion.  These students recently let their lights shine in the Arts in the Dark parade, and we’re thrilled to share their creativity with our Impact Arts guests.

Impact Arts 2018: Creativity 2.0

Creativity 2.0

The following video features a teacher, a teaching artist, and three students from Durkin Park Elementary discussing how they wove the arts into science and technology.

Deborah Birmingham is a veteran teacher, who has been participating in CAPE programs at Durkin Park Elementary for three years, where she loves learning alongside her students during their CAPE projects.

Niema Qureshi is a long-time CAPE teaching artist who excels at helping classroom teachers incorporate creativity and technology into academic learning.

Wyndel, Sophia, and Ashley were in Ms. Birmingham’s 4th grade class last year. Each student found their CAPE project to be surprising and exciting, and they especially enjoyed presenting their work to their families, art exhibition guests, and classroom visitors from the Chicagoland philanthropic community.

Teaching and Learning Through Digital Photography

Long-time CAPE Teaching Artist Jessica Rodrigue shares about her experience in a variety of CAPE classrooms, during and after school, and how photography has helped her students grow and learn in STEM and social-emotional areas.

“CAPE’s continued support of teaching artists like me is a vital part of ensuring that students in need receive the high-quality education that they need to succeed.”

The Art of Leadership

Maria Tapia, a sophomore from North-Grand High School, describes how her experiences in CAPE’s after-school program helped build her self confidence and leadership skills.

“My team and I are so proud of this wall that every day since it was finished, we walk by to check on it and clean it up. I can’t draw yet somehow I managed to touch every part of this mural. I didn’t realize until my teaching artist said it, but I was learning how to be a leader.”

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