Mirza Shams

Art form(s):Music Technology and Production

CAPE Teaching Artist since 2018



Piano, Synthesizers, Audio Technology and Music Production – 2014

Private Teaching through Epic and Vibe Studios, Cairo, Egypt

Bachelor’s Degree in Medicine MD – 2013

Faculty of Medicine, Mansoura University, Mansoura, Egypt

Mirza Shams is a multidisciplinary music artist, sound healer, and community organizer proficient in piano, keys, synth, composing, producing, performing, DJing and teaching. Practicing for over a decade now in different professional settings between studios, stages and classrooms. Featured under the stage name NAXÖ in the Chicago Reader, Chicago Zine Fest, Windy City Times, Chicago Tribune, Philly Weekly, and more. Community outreach experience includes participating in queer festivals and immigrant organizations across the United States as a creative director, workshop presenter, advisory board member, campaigner, and cultural performer. Trained in mental health interventions and CPR. Passionate about using music to heal trauma, raise awareness and create beauty and belonging here in Chicagoland, including by teaching children and folks in under-resourced communities. In 2021, NAXÖ released a 9 songs album called, TESA’A and a 3 songs EP called, 3+4=5. Songs are on queer culture, migration, postcolonialism, healing and re-imagining a better world.

Artist Statement:
As a music producer, composer, storyteller and multi-instrumentalist, Mirza orchestrates sounds to explore psychological narratives, subjectivities, and stream of consciousness. Mirza activates emotional pitches to navigate personal transformations through their compositions, experiences, and narratives on a wider frequency, energy and vibration with passion about creating authentic and loving spaces for the queer and trans community, and believe DIY spaces are a conduit for connection & healing.