Kristin S. Sherwin

Art form(s): Drawing, Acrylic Painting

CAPE Teaching Artist since 2021

Bachelors in Fine Arts


I’m in my late thirties and feel like I’m just getting started on making a difference in my art career and touching the communities I work in. My two children, one in high school and the other in elementary school, have taken up art as well and enjoy assisting in classes I teach and art I make, even when the processes are sometimes laborious. I intend to further my education to a master degree in the arts to open doors that allow me to reach an even further distance of people.

Artist Statement:

Creating art from a variety of faucets has always been my life long passion. I have never been without a sketch book or paint brush in the studio. I’m more recent years, I’ve taken up large scale murals and silk screen printing. Printing has allowed me to take my sketches out of my notebook and make them widely accessible to the public. I enjoy teaching creativity and out of the box ideas through art and anywhere else life provides.