Joe Barcelona

Art form(s):Audio, textile, print media, performance

CAPE Teaching Artist since 2022

BFA + endorsement in arts education from SAIC

About the Artist:
Joe is a print-maker and performance artist, primarily. He holds a BFA with an arts education endorsement from SAIC. Through CAPE, Joe has worked as a teaching artist. He is mostly interested in the relationships between performance and activism, and visual culture and advertising. He also creates sampled music and videos. His undergraduate work was largely focused on recreating popular print imagery through machine embroidery, a series of custom offset-print notepads and invoices, and flyers. His student teaching lessons developed into an experimental and successful, conceptual performance art unit with Curie Metropolitan’s Guerrilla Art Collective (@gac.curiehs on instagram). With CAPE, he co-facilitated the students at Blackhawk Primary Center’s work, a large, collaborative, paper quilt, being shown at CAPE’s Perspective(s): 2023 After School Program exhibition. Currently, Joe is using Workroom to develop a series of paper works regarding education, accessibility, and medical documentation.

Artist Statement:
My work is primarily the product of research and experimentation with form and technique. Heavily influenced by the visual culture of advertising, I utilize print to create easily reproducible, occasionally funny, ephemera and propaganda. Other aspects of my practice include conceptual performance and score writing, comics, and fiber art. Much of the work exists in response to the shifting forms of medicalization of transition and neurodivergence.

Examples of Joe’s Artwork

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Artwork 1
Artwork 2
Artwork 3
Artwork 4