Anni Holm

Art form(s):Conceptual Art, Social Art, Environmental Art

CAPE Teaching Artist since 2009

BFA Columbia College

Anni Holm is a conceptual artist with a deep interest in social sculpture. Born in Randers, Denmark, Holm attended Krabbesholm Højskole in Skive before immigrating to the US. She has a BFA from Columbia College in Chicago. Holm has exhibited, performed, participated in artist residencies and created public art installations both in the US and Europe. She is the curator and co-founder of People Made Visible, a non-profit with a mission to facilitate community through art experiences in West Chicago, IL. She has served on the West Chicago Cultural Arts Commission since 2008 and been a teaching artist for Chicago Arts Partnerships in Education (CAPE) since 2009. Holm resides in West Chicago with her husband and 3 kids.

Artist Statement:
Sharing experiences with others is a big part of how we both learn and develop a sense of connection. Whether it’s a place, a community or an idea. I seek to connect with my audience through experiences of actions and objects. I am curious about the possibilities that exist in meeting and collaborating with other artists as well as random strangers. I encourage participation in my art at various levels whether it be by contributing material for my process; or perhaps knitting, singing or holding hands with me in hope to move us to a greater place together. I cherish getting to hear stories that sometimes never have been told before, to gain new insight into another being. I welcome learning valuable life lessons, challenge societal bias and build on my empathic abilities. For me, it is about the process of making art, more so than the final piece.