Thank you for your interest in becoming a CAPE Ambassador! Our Ambassadors play the vital role of helping us broaden our network and inspire new potential supporters.

 Ambassador Qualifications:

A passion for our mission to engage students, inspire teachers, and demonstrate impact by weaving the arts into public school classrooms across Chicago!

 Ambassador Responsibilities:

  • Attend at least one CAPE Field Trip per year
  • Bring at least 10 guests to a CAPE Field Trip within three months, either at our office or your office, home, etc.
  • Inform guests about the Field Trip and that they’ll receive one follow up call from us after the event to get feedback
  • Aim to have at least one guest become a fellow Ambassador

 Ambassador Duration of Service:

Ambassadors will complete their commitment (if they wish to) after the goal of bringing 10 people to a Field Trip within three months. We hope you will stay on as an Ambassador after this term and continue as a spokesperson for the organization and be part of the planning for our future alongside other Ambassadors.

Current Ambassadors

  • Amy Nathan
  • Carol Witteman
  • Steven Greene
  • Igor Vasquez
  • Melonie Boone
  • Tom Silva
  • Niema Qureshi

Past Ambassadors

  • Francis Sadac
  • Beth Richman
  • David Gurbach
  • Dawn Bowen Bolles
  • Carol Eastin
  • Debra Mazloff
  • Josh Nathan
  • Karrie Sullivan
  • Louanne Smolin & David Eaton

The Artist-Researcher

A CAPE Learner is an Artist/Researcher. As an Artist/Researcher, she/he conducts investigations through art and collaboration in order to gain new understandings of the world. In conducting these investigations, the CAPE Artist/Researcher generates questions and reflections; collaborates with a critical eye; shifts flexibly among different roles; creates innovative work that crosses artistic and academic disciplines; and engages others in social interaction and dialogue around arts integration.

Professional Development

Teaching is often an isolated profession, with little chance for dialogue around issues of pedagogy and student learning. As part of all CAPE programs, teachers and teaching artists from schools around the city come together regularly for professional development meetings.  There, they can examine others’ work and ideas, share their own successes and questions, and explore new possibilities for teaching and learning with CAPE staff.