Halie Adelaide Hugenberg (Leigh)

Art form(s):  Drawing (digital and marker), painting (watercolor), papermaking

CAPE Teaching Artist since 2022

Illinois State University, BFA Drawing/Printmaking, BS Arts Education (Magna Cum Laude)

About the Artist:
Leigh is an artist and illustrator currently based out of Elgin, Illinois. When they’re not filling up their sketchbook, you can find them reading graphic novels, knitting, rollerskating, or dreaming up new recipes to bake. Creativity is one of their core values – they feel that any work that is related to creativity is intrinsically meaningful.

Artist Statement:
Due to my boundless energy and desire for novelty, my work is constantly shifting. Throughout a working day, I find myself switching between a variety of mediums and subjects. This process allows me to apply what I have learned from one project to another, and come to a different project with fresh eyes and hands.

Examples of Leigh’s Artwork

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Artwork 1
Artwork 2
Artwork 3